7 Killer Apps For Instagram

If you really want to spice up your Instagram account I’ve done some research for you and found some absolute killer apps that you must have. Maybe you already use some of them, kudos for you, but if not then just keep on reading and your Instagram account will soon look a lot more professional than it used to and you’re ready to take on your competitors.

Let’s start with Unfold

Did you know that Instagram had templates for your stories? Now you do! Unfold comes with some beautiful minimalistic approaches right out of the box. No more fuzzing around with Photoshop anymore as it only takes a few minutes to install and it professionalizes your profile right away.

Canva allows you to customize

No matter which theme you decide to install you can now customize them at ease by installing Canva. They offer you an unlimited amount of backgrounds and hundreds of fonts to choose from. If you were afraid you couldn’t be unique by using a default template that fear should now be gone as you will stand out of the crowd with the ease of a few clicks.

Background customization with Inshot

Another app that pretty much accomplishes the same as Canva but this one just works a little more convenient for me. Besides changing the background it also allows you to resize the photo so that it fits in perfectly. You can download it on either your iOS or Android phone.

Adding Life to your stories

Design Kit allows you to add personality to your photos with their clever app. It allows you to draw things on your photos or you can choose from a wide variety of stickers, brushes, emoticons and what not. Giving a somewhat dull picture a unique twist was never this easy.

Adobe Spark Post

Similar to how you can choose templates at platforms like GetResponse for opt-in forms this allows you to practically do the same on Instagram and the end result is always stunning. Even if you are not a graphic designer but nature it’s very hard to go wrong with this professional free editing software.

Last but not least Splice

Ever wanted to edit a vertical video but had no idea where to start? Splice is the solution! GoPro is the one that invented this software and allows you to do what any other video editing software does. The future of Instagram marketing is now at your footsteps.