Business owners are often left scratching their heads trying to figure out new ways to improve employee morale. The typical approach to increasing satisfaction on the job is often done so through the introduction of a raise. However, it’s now known that recognition is the leading factor in the improvement of morale and satisfaction for those in the workforce. [1]
Consider the use of certifications.
The SimpleCert platform has been designed to easily create certifications and the management of the process in an easy-to-use manner for any number of applicable ideas. One such idea it could be applied to would be the recognition of employee behavior.
By highlighting the great, outgoing motives of an employee – the business receives the following:
• An opportunity to educate employees about practices that will improve safety, job performance, and customer interaction/satisfaction
• An opportunity to generate internal competition to drive employees to reach loftier goals and milestones set forth by the company
• An opportunity to vet potential employees through the introduction of certifications thus fine tuning the selection process due to outgoing activities of an individual
The process of creating these certifications are very easy and have been well-documented through the tutorial videos found in the SimpleCert HQ.
Here is how one can go about implementing a certification to improve morale:
1. Determine a key area of discipline in the work environment that can be achieved by a specific department (or all possible participants) while remaining a challenge; this could be customer retention, sales, or even logistics for the warehouse.
2. Create a short, but informative, course (text-based or video) which takes the employee through the learning process along with small tests to keep them engaged. This course can be setup the same as one would find in a general education environment.
3. Announce the launch of the certification course and utilize the SimpleCert features and platform to gather participants and begin tracking progress. Congratulate and award individuals upon completion of the course through the certification but also place them in the spotlight within the business to give them recognition and pride.
The scale of the certification can be to ones’ choosing and may extend well beyond the current work environment. A business with a strong brand recognition could propel the employee further into the industry through the recognition of these certifications once they become coveted by others.
A boost to morale is a boost to satisfaction (and profits). Allow SimpleCert to pave the way.

Amsterdam is prominently known as the capital of Netherlands which has more than one million individuals living in its urban zone. The name Amsterdam was once in the past called Amstelredamme which was gotten from the city’s birthplace as “Dam” of stream “Amstel”, however now called Amsterdam.
It is a city that is situated in the region of North Holland in the west of the nation. It is notable as maritime city of the north as a result of its beautiful waterways that cross the city, it’s incredible and appealing design and more than 1300 bridges.
This city is a standout amongst the most gone by urban communities in the entire of Europe with more than seven millions of individuals going by yearly.
Individuals visits Amsterdam for various purposes, some in view of their way of life and history, some as a result of genuine celebrating, while some for vacation just to encounter the unwinding appeal of an old European city.
Let’s take a look at some things people do in Amsterdam
Before offering to you those things individuals connect themselves with in Amsterdam, it is expedient that you get a place of safety, a place where you can unwind with your family giving you awesome solace at moderate expense, is just the right place for you.
Visiting Amsterdam’s parks and Canals (on skates)
In the event that you appreciate skating, you’ll cherish Amsterdam. Customarily in winter, the solidified canals give a play area to ice-skating local people and during summer, you’ll discover local people and vacationers alike skating through the recreation center.
Explore Amsterdam’s best museums
Amsterdam has astonishing and historical museums such as Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Anne Frank House with great collection of artful culminations of craftsmanship, vodka and cannabis, photos, painting and artifacts exploring the history of Judaism in the Netherlands. The most well-known ones can get exceptionally filled during summer season, so it is advisable that you get your ticket on time.
For the ideal outing, visit the Vondelpark. It is the biggest green space in Amsterdam, the recreation center is named after its best-known writer Joost van sanctum Vondel (1587-167. The recreation center is additionally something of a social center, with various models including one by Picasso.
Eat Amsterdam Street Food
You should just attempt raw herring and the best time to attempt one is amongst May and July when the new catch hits the stands, since this doesn’t require any additional topping, for example, onions and pickles, since the fish’s tissue is at its sweetest.