One of the top minor accidents that have a great impact is a broken side mirror. This issue is common and the results are often the cause of a more serious accident. The cause is usually getting hit by another vehicle or ramming into a wall or a tree.

You cannot drive without a side mirror, because of safety concerns. Side mirrors represent your extra “eyes” to show you what is happening behind you. Without these mirrors, you won’t be able to reverse properly and even make corners because you won’t be able to know what is coming behind you. Using the side mirror lets you make the right decisions and know when to take the corner.

Partial or Total Damage

A side mirror comes with various components that make it suitable for its role in your vehicle. It has a mirror, a protective casing and is connected to buttons that you use to retract it or change its elevation. All these work in unison to make sure you get the best out of your driving experience. A fault might occur in any of these areas, the reason to work with an experienced mechanic from

Damage to the side mirror is common because this part is exposed to the elements and sticks out from the side of the vehicle making it vulnerable to impact. Partial damage might necessitate minor repairs to the damaged mirror, while total damage might need you to get a replacement side mirror.

The kind of damage will dictate the kind of service you need. For instance, if the mirror cannot retract, then you need an expert at wiring to handle the issue for you.

Buying the Ideal Replacement

Although made majorly of a reflective mirror, the side mirrors for different vehicles have different features. The mirror you use on your Mercedes Benz might not be compatible with the mirror you use for your BMW. The mirror attachments might also be different across car models. It is therefore imperative that you get the right replacement side mirror according to manufacturer specifications. You can also work with the mechanic to get the perfect side mirror.

The Bottom-line

Driving minus a functioning side mirror on either side of your vehicle is a recipe for disaster. You might not realize it but this tiny component is one of the reasons you drive in poor visibility and take the right turns without causing an accident. When it gets damaged, make sure you repair or replace it immediately.